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We are a family farming business, with three generations living on our family farm "Black Island" at Keilira (30km north east of Kingston SE).  We take pride in the way we manage our land, our native bush areas, our livestock and now our range of mixed salad leaves.

Black Island Produce began its story in 2019 when third generation wool growers, Danielle and Jonathan England, planted small plots of various vegetables to ‘give it a try’.  Now with over half a hectare in production, the family is regularly supplying supermarkets, cafes and restaurants with their fresh mixed salad leaves.

Black Island Sheep Yards
Danielle & Jonathan England

Sustainable Practices


Black Island Produce has made a commitment to its local environment, by supplying its vegetables in sustainable packaging (no single-use plastic here).


We pride ourselves on its low Carbon Miles (the distance food travels from grower to consumer – we’re saving carbon in transport and packaging); and by supplying you with our ‘not perfect’ produce, our vegetable waste is minimal.


Did you know that up to 15% of vegetables go into the ‘waste stream’ even before they hit the supermarket shelf?



All of our packaging is home compostable – yes even our sugarcane containers!

We choose to use Planet Protector packaging to transport our mixed salad leaves – which makes the most of the naturally occurring, insulating properties of wool.

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Get your fresh, hand picked, seasonal mixed salad leaves at your local supermarket now.
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